As a successful individual, you must understand the value of careful planning when it comes down to protecting your family, loved ones, and business. All this is possible with corporate estate planning.

Estate planning not only speeds up the process of asset division, but it also helps in avoiding court procedures while minimizing the reliance on lawyers and other people outside the family. IG Wealth Management offers you information and estate planning advice that will help you understand the complications of estate planning in Canada.

Whether you’re living in Alberta or Lethbridge, our estate planning executives will walk you through our wholesome estate planning checklist to ensure that every step you take is in line with provincial and local laws.

Let’s make an uncomfortable topic more comfortable.


Talking with your family.

It’s a difficult subject to discuss, but it’s important to be clear about your wishes with those who matter most in your life. Reviewing your estate plans, funeral arrangements, and ensuring all paperwork is in order will make this emotional process much easier.


Making your wishes clear.

You’re never too young to write a will,name a power of attorney, and createa health care directive. Naming an executor of your estate, guardians for your children and the beneficiaries of your estate will also put your mind, and your family’s future at ease.


Protecting your estate

A solid estate plan extends beyond your will, keeps your assets insured, minimizes tax liabilities, and allows your heirs to benefit from the full value of what you’re leaving behind.