Disability Insurance

Why You Need Disability Insurance In Lethbridge

What comes to your mind when you think of your most valuable asset? Your investments? Your home? What about your earning potential? When any long-term sickness or major injury strikes, it takes a toll on your life and affects everything that you hold dear. It can leave you bedridden for months without a stable cash flow. In these situations, our most valuable assets become most vulnerable, and the more time we spend in bed, the more we risk losing everything we had built.

This is where IG Wealth Management comes in. Our experienced brokers can protect everything that is valuable to you – your house, your peace of mind, your family and your lifestyle from loss of income due to injury or illness.

How can IG Wealth Management’s disability insurance help you in Alberta?

We can help you select a disability income insurance plan that fits your budget and your lifestyle. For example, short term disability in Alberta can cause loss of income or loss of duties. But our brokers will make sure that everything is well managed while you’re recovering on bed.

Understanding Short Term Disability Insurance in Alberta

Short-term disability insurance can help cover the expenses for a short time after your sick leaves run out, if you’re employed, that is. It usually lasts for up to six months while you are injured or sick and temporarily unable to work. Some of the benefits can be paid for up to a year, however. Short-term disability benefits are typically 70% of an employee’s regular earnings. At IG Wealth Management, we offer short term disability insurance within a comprehensive group benefits plan.

IG Wealth Management is among the leading insurance companies in Lethbridge that offer wholesome and exclusive disability plans so your family doesn’t become debt-ridden taking care of you while you’re injured or sick in bed. Contact our disability insurance brokers in Lethbridge and find out how we can help you.

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