Mortgage Planning

Planning on buying a home? We can help.


Why You Need A Mortgage Consultant In Lethbridge?

Everyone dreams of paying off their mortgage as soon as possible. With the right planning and by making educated decisions, you can easily arrive on the blessed day when you’ll make the final payment for your mortgage. This is where our mortgage brokers in Lethbridge come in. They will steer you in the right direction so you can avoid costly mistakes and assess how much you can easily afford. Our mortgage consultants are well versed in using the latest tools and technology for finding the best mortgage products in Lethbridge.

Our mortgage consultant will make sure that your overall housing costs, including taxes, mortgage payments, and utilities aren’t more than one-third of your total gross income. Your total debt load, which includes car loans, etc., shouldn’t be above 40 per cent of your total gross income. We will ensure that you don’t drown yourself in penalties or other late payment consequences.

If you are looking for a mortgage consultant in Lethbridge, you’ve come to the right place. IG Wealth Management offers holistic mortgage consultation services that will help you choose the best mortgage product.